Welcome to the Team Bracelets Carrd, this account has in total 7 owners. We post content related to exposing/cancelling people who have done something wrong. Everyone signs their messages in DMs with their emoji.

  1. Claude - 🎧

  2. Rainie - 🍰

  3. Penelope - 🎨

  4. Willow - 🔮

  5. Ashley - 🍇

  6. Diana - 🇺🇸

  7. Midori - 🍀

In total, Team Bracelets has 9 members, including the @theungratefulmisfit and @ys.amai who do not post on this account. The leader of Team Bracelets is Claude.


  1. if you wish to report somebody, you must DM us with both the username and the proof. if no proof is provided we cannot make a post about the person, least we could do is report.

  2. Do not harass the people mentioned on this account, meanwhile they may have done bad things do not get involved in drama you aren't meant to be in.

  3. Do not harass this account just because they are your friends that have been exposed on here, or yourself. We do not wish to be apart of drama. This has happened way too many times before, although it is funny it is also stressful.

  4. If you wish for a post to be taken down then DM us privately and we will talk this matter through.

  5. We do not accept new admins as we believe there are already enough. We do not accept any people who wish to join Team Bracelets either, it's not personal but it is easier to work with people you already know rather than the ones you don't.

and thats it!


What is Team Bracelets?
Team Bracelets was created by a group of friends simply for fun, our whole friendship was built on exposing people. So on this account, we are doing what we always have been doing, exposing others for their behavior.

How many accounts do we have?
@komahiru (claude)
@midori_gurinishi (midori)
@team.bracelets (shared account)


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